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The world map shown above is the result of a series of photographs taken by one of NASA's space satellites during the night and was released to the world in the winter of 2000. Around the same time Ashlok had just turned an year old, and the photograph got etched into our memories as an inspiration, depicting the power, reach and beauty of electricity.

We entered the electrical industry in the early part of the 1970's, much before the technological revolution took place. In 25 years, after dealing with electrical products of all types and sizes, we realized that the entire industry's success and failure fell in the hands of an earthing system.

We understood that the conventional system of earthing was unreliable, inefficient, cumbersome and prone to problems which resulted in fire hazards, equipment failures and loss of life due to high voltage shocks/ short circuits etc. We believed that there was a better solution & one that did not involve the aged & ineffective system of earthing.

Challenging convention, in 1999 - we fathered the earthing revolution of India.

Today, we are at the forefront of every other earthing project being executed in the country.

We thank you for understanding that there is a better way in the Ashlok way.